Don’t Get Scammed by Fake Attorney Credentials

January 1, 2023

One of the biggest tricks played on potential clients, by attorneys, are Fake Attorney Credentials. It’s already difficult enough that you’re going through the hardships involved in experiencing a personal injury because of someone else, and now you’re tasked with finding proper legal help. The last thing you deserve is to be scammed into believing that a lawyer has extravagant credentials, when in reality they are bogus awards paid for by the attorney, just for marketing purposes.

In fact, it’s become so bad that the FTC has issued a warning to all consumers that are seeking legal help to ‘Look Beyond the Awards’. They’re fake, meaningless, and can be bought by anyone.

Here’s a few examples:

Replace Top 100 with Elite Lawyer

My law office receives the ‘invitation’ to purchase these misleading awards, all the time. Believe it or not, they’re actually pretty cheap to acquire. Usually, it’s just an annual fee of a couple hundred dollars and they’ll send you a fancy plaque to display in the office. Your trust is worth way more than that.

We don’t do it because we feel it’s disingenuous to clients that are seeking the best legal help they can find. We’ve worked with many clients in South Carolina and helped them get the compensation they need. We’ve developed great relationships with our clients and part of that respect is built on trust and respect. We have enough respect for our clients to not try and trick them with fake awards, so you won’t find them anywhere on my site.

If you or someone or a loved one have been injured and are looking for experienced legal help, we make it easy. Just Call Rob.

864-Call-Rob, that is.

Rob Ianuario




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