Car Accident in South Carolina in 2023 – What To Do

February 1, 2023

Unfortunately, even the best drivers can be in accidents that are not their fault. We think it only happens to the next guy, but statistically speaking, it can happen to us too. Did you know that the State of South Carolina was ranked as the 2nd most dangerous state to drive in by Forbes in 2022? Buckle up, drive safely, but still protect yourself by knowing a few helpful steps in case you do get into an auto accident.

If you get into a car or truck accident, try to remember these tips.

  • First, check to ensure that you and the car passengers are safe and immediately check to see if anyone needs medical attention. If so, or if there’s any doubt, call for medical help.
  • Call the police. They’ll come out to the accident and take important documentation of the facts of the incident. If you decide not to call the police and legal action is taken later, it could turn into an unfortunate situation of your word versus the other person’s.
  • Only if it’s completely safe to do so, move your car or truck to the side of the road, or into a nearby parking area.
  • Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to start taking down information. You need the other driver’s license plate number, name, address and insurance information.
  • You’ll also want to get this same information from nearby witnesses, if available.
  • Take pictures. Take pictures and video of both cars, if possible. Take video and pictures of any injuries sustained. Take videos and pictures of any property damage and the surrounding area of the accident.
  • Be sure to promptly notify your insurance company and file any necessary claims.
  • If needed, contact an attorney for help.

This brief but helpful ‘to-do’ list is good to know in case you get into an accident, but not a great replacement for legal advice from a qualified attorney. When it comes to car or truck wrecks in South Carolina, things can get complicated. There’s often a need for specific medical evidence, witnesses, and an experienced legal approach to winning personal injury cases. That’s where we come in.

We make it easy by saying Call Rob. 864-Call-Rob, that is. Rob Ianuario is the Upstate Personal Injury Attorney. Our team of experienced Personal Injury attorneys will help guide you down this difficult path.

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